Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir

(2x CrossFit Games Champion, 6x CrossFit Games podium, 9x CrossFIt Games competitor)
Can’t say thank you to you enough for how much you have helped me! Staying healthy & keeping my body aligned is key for me being able to keep up with my training schedule! Thank you so much Chad.

Dr. Amanda Barnhart

(Physical Therapist, 3x CrossFit Games top 10 finish, 5x CrossFit Games competitor)
Chad’s knowledge and expertise always leaves my body feeling better when I walk out of his office. He has helped me through numerous nagging injuries and helped me feel competition ready right when I need to be.

David Hamel

(3x CrossFit Games Masters competitor)
I’ve been seeing Dr Messina on and off for the past 5 years for preventative work, help with a few bad injuries and everything in between. Dr. Messina is very professional, and I’m always impressed at how quickly he can get me back to 100%. I highly recommend Messina Family Chiropractic!!!

Ben Bergeron

Dr.Chad Messina worked on me and many of my athletes on Team CFNE during our run at the CrossFit Games for the Affiliate Cup over the past three years. Chad is a good friend, and a solid CrossFitter. He knows our sport and how to keep athletes on the field performing their best.

Kathryn Beall

Dr. Messina is excellent. He is a true healer and extremely knowledgeable, knowing exactly how to adjust and fix any ailment that I come in with. I love that he not only adjusts, but also does soft tissue treatment. On top of that, he gives specific advice on how to keep my body feeling great on my own. He has also helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy. I am very grateful that I found Dr. Messina and highly recommend his practice.

Benjamin Lee

Best chiropractor! Always willing to see you even if he’s completely booked. Extremely helpful for my migraines! It’s no wonder that everyone wants to be treated by Dr. Messina!!

Tom Murphy

I first visited Dr Messina in mid August. I had extremely bad back pain and could hardly walk. I had a hiking trip in the Alps planned for late September and had no idea if I would make it or not. During my first visit, Dr Messina gave me a 50/50 chance but assured me that he would everything possible to allow me to travel. 7 weeks later I summited a 10,000ft+ peak in the Austrian Alps!

PJ Burke

I have been seeing Dr. Messina for 3 weeks now due to lower back issues. I walked in the first time with the aid of a cane and walked out carrying the cane. First chiropractor I have been to and will be only, Highly recommend!!!

Miranda Chapman

I am sitting here writing this review PAIN-FREE for the first time in years. After the first visit / adjustment, I walked out of the office in awe of the results. I have seen other chiropractors before with varied results so I never imagined I would have this much relief after just one adjustment. I had gotten used to having chronic lower back pain and accepted it would be with me for the rest of my life – when Dr Messina told me the goal would be zero pain I laughed to myself in disbelief. Who’s laughing now? This is life-changing stuff.

Christopher Fraser

I’m regularly on the court or on the martial arts mat and frequently subject to trauma. I find his work to be incredibly effective, restorative and lasting.